Firstclassgreece in cooperation with the International Patient Department (IPD) of Genesis Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients:

• Coordination, management and admission of international patients in the hospital.

• Cooperation with the international insurance companies for the admission of international patients

• Provision of medical and other information and orientation of the insurance companies and international patients.


IPD comprises of trained and experienced multilingual personnel that will guide and assist every foreign patient to their admission in our hospital and throughout their hospitalization period and departure.

It is very essential for us that all our clients feel comfortable and secure when abroad, thus we try to provide them with the suitable environment to do so.


Necessary Documentation:


• Valid patients’ insurance card
• Valid passport
• Telephone numbers of emergency contact persons
• Letter of guarantee (it concerns the insurance company as well)

We is open for cooperation with all the insurance companies around the globe, in order to cover costs related with diagnostic examinations, surgery and hospitalization.


International Fairs and Events


Within the framework of expansion to the field of medical tourism, Genesis together with Firstclassgreece have participated successfully in the Grecka Panorama Exhibition in Warsaw



Services for international patients

• International Department

• Pre-travel support

• Transport assistance

• Translation services

• Transparent billing & Detailed Invoices

• Provision of discharge report in understood language

• Post-discharge support

• Special food (different diets, etc.)

• Gender specific care

• Single patient rooms

• Private bathroom

• Internet access & free wi-fi and Internet point with printing facilities

• Rooming in Service / Baby friendly Hospital

• Ambulance services

• Café restaurant / Flower Shop / Jewellery / Coiffure & Massage / Baby Room / Gifts for babies / Pastry shop / Automatic Transactions Machine

• Supervised Children Playroom



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