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Robert Najdecki | MD, PhD
Co-Founder, Scientific Director of Assisting Nature clinic

Robert Najdecki MD, PhD is a Reproductive Gynaecology Specialist. His experience in diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders, such as endoscopic surgery is long and extensive and includes more than 6000 stimulated cycles.

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February 2023

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“Doctor Robert Najdecki made the entire IVF process a beautiful experience culminating in a huge success and true happiness. Assisting Nature is simply full of fantastic people. Doctors are surrounded by a great Team who want to be there and help.”

Agata & Radek

You promised us fertility vacations, but you gave us a second honeymoon. I feel happy, appreciated, loved and pregnant. And all these thanks to you, thanks to the fact that I met such wonderful people without complexes, who do not have to prove to anyone that they know what they are doing.”

Dorota and Rafał

“I am full of admiration and respect for this team – because they want to do it, not because they have to. All these people are parents of my success and I really admire it  – Thank you … Thank you so much.”

Jadwiga & Waldek

Dr. Robert Najdecki | MD, PhD

Co-Founder, Scientific Director of Assisting Nature clinic


He graduated and received his medical degree from Medical School at the University of Warsaw in 1985 and his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Solec University Hospital in Warsaw. 

He completed the reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellowship at The Genetic Department of Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw – Poland as a member of the IVF team in 1992. 

One of the most important achievements of his team/ led by Prof. Wisniewski / was the second baby birth through IVF technique in Poland.In 1989, he obtained his PhD in the University of Warsaw, with his dissertation titled “Evaluation of maturity of oocytes after stimulation through IVF method.” 

His dissertation includes studies of multiple medication protocols in order to induce ovulation, regarding the morphological maturity in human oocytes after collection. As a reproductive gynaecologist, he finds this experience in embryology to be a very crucial in the process of improving patients care. 

During these pioneering years, Dr. Najdecki was deeply involved in research for a “new method” for oocyte pick up. After many years of laparoscopic OPU, he successfully introduced the first vaginal, ultrasound guided oocyte pick up, which resulted in second IVF baby being born in the nation.

This first success led the way to a new era in IVF techniques that goes on until today. He has also been active in fertility research, publishing on topics ranging from fibroids, endometriosis to ovulatory dysfunction and ovarian ageing.

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