…Protect Life Ubiquitous Safety

Panic Button

By pressing «Panic» you send a panic alert signal to a subscribed Incident Management Centre

Doctor Button

With this function you have access to specialized information, maps and other useful data concerning doctors, medical centres, clinics and hospitals

Pharmacy Button

Pharmacy function gives you access to public information, maps and other useful data concerning pharmacies

Heart Button

This function aims to retrieve a person’s identity and the latest coordinates footprint on a map if a specific safety problem arises

Search Button

Through «Notifications» function you can be informed as to all the emergency calls from authorities e.g. extreme weather phenomena, earthquakes, offers by the safety network and cooperators we have at your disposal in several countries

First Class Greece I Alert App Description

First Class Greece iAlertPLUS App Description

iAlertPLUS app will send manually or automatically generated panic alerts signals to IMC, including your position, relatives telephone numbers, a predefined message 


iAlertPLUS runs on iOS and Android smart phones. It has been designed for users who they have simple knowledge about smart phones. The design emphasizes to simplicity, especially for use from elders and children…


Distress devices or Smart phone? There are many distress or tracker/sos devices in the market. The iAlertPLUS app’s different characteristic is that the users will always have it in their phone device…

What the next version will offer

  • companion mode
  • automated panic alert based on  user’s profile

Needs addressed by the application

  • travelers
  • insurance issues
  • panic function
  • automotive rescue services
  • V.I.P. services

Future potential of the iAlert PLUS app

  • biometrics for the users will enable automatic health or panic alerts