The philosophy of agrotourism is based primarily on the interpersonal, direct, human relationship between the countryside and the traveler, who soon becomes the guest and in the end a friend.

In Greece, the remarkable geophysical diversity, the endless natural sources, the extraordinary local features and tradition, make up a rare mosaic of scenes, images and experiences creating a blessed place. Here, lovers of authentic, unexplored, tourism can enjoy what nature generously offers.

Visitors of agro-tourism farms in Greece can attend agricultural activities and also work as volunteers if they so wish. Working with the earth is a new experience for people in the city who have no background or knowledge. This experience starts with gathering olives, press olive oil, make wine, tsipouro or raki, pick up seasonal fruit from the trees and vegetables from the ground, gather mushrooms and herbs from the mountains and make jams, sweets and cheese. Besides participation in agricultural activities, many farms also organise seminars for crops of different products and cooking Greek recipes with fresh seasonal ingredients. They can also organise workshops of pottery, knitting or other popular activities in the Greek countryside.



At an original mountainous landscape of Crete, on the mountain Psiloritis, we have chosen the appropriate Agro – Farm Arodamos as one of the best examples of small and original Agro-Touristic resort.

Arodamos stands at the tableland “Livadi” of Kroussonas, a place with certain natural beauty with richly agricultural and stockbreeding tradition. The two imposing canyons that frame the region and the peaks that are standing around the tableland are composing a unique and raw mountainous terrain which is refuge for the wild life of Crete. The tableland is plumed with fruit-bearing trees like apple trees and pear trees and its fruits are famous for their quality and taste. Our houses and the Plateau ’livadi’ of Krousonas are found in the mountain range of Psiloreiti which constitutes one of the 7 geoparks in Europe and in a region protected from the program Natura 2000 because the big biodiversity

Arodamos consist of six individual houses, built at the top of a hill of 1100 meters high. The houses are built with respect to the environment (from stone and wood and are supplied exclusively from renewable energy sources) and to the local architecture. There are three four-bed maisonettes and three three-bed ground- floor houses, which all dispose:

  • Living room with fire place
  • Bathroom
  • Full- equipped kitchen
  • Yard with barbecue and sink
  • central heating
  • Life in countryside is exciting. Activities offer relaxing and as well action moments and also an exciting voyage in knowledge.


Mountain bike.

You can have a relaxing tour of the tableland, or discover and enjoy an adventurous itinerary, through the wild landscape of Livadi.


The region offers a great variety of choices to make, since it is surrounded by a lot of hills and mountains, where you can feel the peacefulness and breath pure mountainous air..

Agricultural occupation.

Our guest can enjoy and learn the agricultural life and taste the goods of our land. Our organic tillagethe and fruit-bearing trees are at the disposal of our guest. You watch the farmer or do it your self.

Household art.

You can attend or participate in the cooking of the Traditional Cretan Cooking, the traditional art to conserve food, in how to bake bread or make cheese and preserves and in how to make traditional soap.


Our visitor has the opportunity to attend and also to participate in one or more stages of the process of producing ceramics that includes the preparation of the potter’s clay, the shape of the object on the wheel, its painting and its baking in the wood kiln



The region is offerd for exciting climbing for experts or for amateurs. Children and adults can taste the adventure and beauty of climbing under the care of experienced instructor.


The region of Livadi is being considered as one of theprotected areas of the program ’Natura’ and one of the most important reasons is the variety of the rare and wild birds that choose to fly above this land.






Check Arodamos Farm here



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